About Leadership Toolbox

Leadership Toolbox

The Leadership Toolbox is a one stop shop for some just-in-time resources to help you in your work. It incorporates current thinking on a topic, advice on how you might act and resources to support those actions. We hope it will meet many of your needs for personal and team development. We are always adding more elements and welcome any suggestions for new topics.

Our Team

Leadership Toolbox pools the talents of a diverse group of people development professionals with complementary capabilities in inclusion & diversity, learning & development, project management, systems management

Separately and jointly they have reputations for delivering exceptional service with exceptional ideas and products. The management team is a partnership of four experienced business leaders with whom you can discuss your business needs. We think our experience speaks for itself.

In assembling the toolbox we have been very conscious of the vast volumes of material on current management thinking, an industry in its own right, a consequence of this is that there are some areas where we have not found good material, but we are still looking.

The topics are cluster under the the themes set out below. Some topics span several themes and will appear under more than one heading.

The clustering seemed logical to us, but it may not to you so you can just jump to a topic using the main menu.

Currently, we are focusing on short summaries under the heading: “5 Minutes on…” They are short, hopefully sharp, summaries providing a subject overview/introduction. They may not answer all your questions but we hope you will find them helpful, provocative, stimulating and informative.