Corporate & Social Responsibility

Corporate and social responsibility (CSR) concerns how organisations conduct their work in a way that takes into account of their social, economic and environmental impact and considers the of human rights of all stakeholders; internal and external.


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Corporate & Social Responsibility

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Managing customer relations

It really is good to talk Customer relations: how much, how often, how well you interact with your customers. So what are you going to do about it? Building bridges The typical proactive routes used for contacting those on the other side of the sale: 1. face to face:...

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Building the reputation

It's not just about coping with crises. Remember when reputation was all about crisis management, and having a PR plaster for every problem? Today, reputations flourish or flounder based on how you run your firm all of the time … According to the Financial Times, the...

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Environmental protection and sustainability

Organisations need to accept that they are custodians of the environment. This might involve stakeholders and opinion formers to ensure positive perception of the organisation’s intentions and operations, pro-actively managing issues that could adversely affect...

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Working in partnership with local communities

Businesses can demonstrate practical social responsibility by donating to national and local charities. They can work with the local community, they may resources, human and material that can benefit charities and local community programmes

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