Developing the Business

This requires continual improvement to ensure profitability and competitive performance of the business, its processes, its speed of response and its ability to deliver cost-effective and timely outputs.


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Developing the Business

If you only have 5 minutes, don’t look any further, look at these soundbites. They are short sharp summaries (typically 2 pages) providing a subject overview/introduction. They may not answer all your questions but you will find them helpful, provocative, stimulating and informative.

Shareholder value

aka moving the dot = the ultimate aim the aim This has been termed the ‘Growth and Profitability Framework’, the ‘move the dot’ methodology is designed: to manage performance for shareholder value by concentrating on opportunities for growth and profitability The...

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Preparing a business plan

Beyond the ‘back of envelope’: This is usually associated with setting up new businesses, business plans now have an acknowledged use and place for new products, new projects, in fact any initiative that requires new investment. Yet often those who hold the purse...

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Information for competitive advantage

Gathering market intelligence to ensure competitive advantage. Pursue commercially - spot the opportunity, make the deal and deliver the benefits in all customer and supplier relationships. Exploit information technology to enable new/more efficient ways of working,...

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Learning Modules

If you have one or two of hours to invest, you will find the Learning Modules very useful. They include the latest thinking from European Business Schools, writers on Management and other good source material. Most of them are about 25 pages in length.

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Understanding the numbers

An understanding of the organisation’s position in terms of profitability and financial strength will have a large impact on the way in which managers will be required to manage the day to day running of the business.

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Topics include:-
Costs and costing
Preparing a business plan
Commercial awareness