Managing Change

Plan and manage change within the organisation so as to transform the business to achieve the intended commercial, structural and organisational outcomes.

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Managing Change

If you only have 5 minutes, don’t look any further, look at these soundbites. They are short sharp summaries (typically 2 pages) providing a subject overview/introduction. They may not answer all your questions but you will find them helpful, provocative, stimulating and informative.

Why change fails

For organisations which manage change skilfully, it can become the driving force that perpetuates success and growth, with every change presenting a new opportunity to increase efficiency or to build the business. But all too often, change fails, as companies...

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Creating a change culture

Not about structures, but winning hearts and minds, read on: Companies which manage change successfully overwhelmingly share the view that their real challenge is not in revamping strategies, systems or structures, but in changing individual employees’ behaviour,...

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Manging the change

the art of letting go Transition is the process of moving from what was to what will be, from an ending to a beginning. Yet people basically don’t like endings - not even happy ones. For they can bring with them: a certain nostalgia for the way things were uncertainty...

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Learning Modules

If you have a couple of hours to invest, you will find the Learning Modules very useful. They include the latest thinking from European Business Schools, writers on Management and other good source material. Most of them are about 25 pages in length.

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