This 5 minute D&I MOT on your organisation will enable you to evaluate how you measure up in delivering on D&I 

Linked to this post is a simple questionnaire that enables you to assess how far your organisation has progressed in developing a diverse and inclusive(D&I) working environment. It is a self-evaluation exercise by which you can rate your organisation’s performance against a set of 15 (D&I) attributes.

If you have read enough to have a go at conducting a review of your performance start here…

The questionnaire is based on a D&I grid where you can rate your organisation’s performance against a set of 15 attributes.  

Each attribute has four levels of performance that might describe your organisation’s capability to date:-
No provision: the organisation does nothing related to this attribute.
Base: the organisation does enough to be compliant with the law and any policies established by your company or industrial sector.
Medium: the organisation takes and active approach to this aspect of D&I, there are clear lines of responsibility and commitment across the organisation.
High: the organisation is successfully delivering on this attribute. There is ownership across the organisation in delivering and evaluating the success of this measure.

This questionnaire is applicable across all sectors and is independent of company size.

Give it a go based on your intuitive knowledge of your organisation; you can always review and revise your response.

Add your email at the end of the D&I questionnaire and and we will send you a copy of your response, along with your organisation’s D&I maturity rating compared to a benchmark for a low, medium and high performing organisation.

Your responses are kept in strict confidence and unless you ask otherwise they will be deleted within 24 hours of your assessment.

You can read more about this development tool here…  

Do get in touch to receive a copy of the grid on which the questionnaire is based and
learn more about the next steps your organisation to be more diverse and inclusive.