In several professions, we do not ‘look after’ our most valuable, and dare I say expensive, human resource.  Senior leaders under tremendous pressure are left to cope on their own. Some can. Some can but at a great expense to themselves and maybe colleagues with whom they interreact. Some choose to leave the profession and are a great loss and waste . Is a sink or swim attitude wise or effective for an organisation?

So, what can we do?  Find a person to support the senior leader.  For example, in schools, I heard people say speak to the Chair of Governors; in charities the Chair of the Trustees; across many industrial sectors leaders are recommended to speak to whoever is their line manager; the next person in the chain.  Chair of the Board of Directors.  Really!

This is crazy in my mind.  Would you tell the person above you in the system that you are having difficulty?  They will be placing an advertisement for your job as the door is closing when you leave their room.  Okay, not always but…

Having worked and had knowledge of other occupations I discovered the concept of supervision or clinical supervision.  This I promote  in my professional world as Non-Managerial Group or individual Supervision.  In this arrangement  you are being supported by someone or group of colleagues who have no managerial responsibility for you except as a fellow professional (and as a human).

‘a collaborative space of support, self-discovery and professional development…’

Peter Hawkins (2012)

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