If they have not done so already, under normal circumstances this is the time of year that students dust off their CV / Resume and think about ‘what next’.

So, this week we have added three new ‘5 minutes on’ on the themes of Creating the perfect CV /Resume; How to prepare for the interview and Presentation skills. These three pieces underpin the basic steps to getting a job.

There is more… the CV and application letter will benefit from effective writing skills, managing e-mail and social media are part of communication and networking and in many sectors networking and negotiating form part of the process of finding that job opportunity in the first place.

Together these tools and techniques help make someone employable. Research has shown that these capabilities are as important as being academically accomplished.

The graduate needs a set of personal capabilities and social skills that enable them to be effective from day one.

The transition from student and graduate to an early career employee is a profound one,
we can help the graduate prepare for that first job interview.