This week we have added a short piece … 5 mins on Trust.

What does it mean to you?

Do you trust?

Is it an absolute? Or, do you only trust someone as far as you can throw ’em?

Is it different at work to you personal life?
Are the thresholds different between home and work?

Many activities at work depend on trust. We rely on the law to craft a contract to ensure that if trust breaks down we have the terms that set the boundaries of the relationship to fall back on.

The law is an evocation of the failure of trust and understanding.

Tom Peters spoke about the Brand of Me long before social media provided the day to day tools to create the personal brand. Trusted brands are no longer the province of the large manufacturer or food producer. Who of late have undermined that trust, case in point VW and the emissions scandal.

The individual can be assessed through their social media presence –
so everything any one of us says is up for scrutiny.

However it is a universal truth that : –

Trust can take years to build, but just a moment to destroy

Have a look at our piece on trust, are you clear on the issues that make you a trusted partner?