Corporate & Social ResponsibilityThe PeopleMAX index is a clear and easy to use management tool that provides you with significant information on your progress to creating a diverse and skilled workforce that is effective in meeting the needs of your customers and local communities.

The PeopleMAX index provides a self-evaluation framework by which you can rate your performance against a set of 22 attributes. Each attribute has four levels of performance that might describe your organisation, from No provision through Base and Medium up to High provision. The index is applicable across all sectors and is independent of company size.

The index comprises two maturity models – /include and /develop – structured into a framework under three themes:

  • Linking to your business
  • Taking action
  • Evaluating outcomes.

The two grids are:





Here are three archetypal results for a low, medium and high performing organisation.

High performing


Poor performing

You will need to register as the evaluation is private to you and your organisation.

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