Trust seems to be fundamental to much that a leader and manager does.  Individual to individual or as groups we must understand the concept of trust. Trust also impacts on your personal life; a facet of your personality.

A key question: are you a person or leader that...

TRUSTS people/colleagues/subordinates/seniors at first and they can only strengthen your trust or destroy it?

Or, are you the person or leader that…

DISTRUSTS people/colleagues/subordinates/seniors at first and they can build your trust or reinforce your lack of trust?

What is TRUST?
  1. Philosophical trust                  such as we might have as a religious person/a faith
  2. Positional trust                        such as a solider may have in a commanding officer
  3. Rationale trust                        built on a past record of not being let down in the past

[Bryk & Schneider 2002]

An example of where trust is so vital for some styles of leadership is in teamwork.  Lencioni talks about dysfunctional teams.  Here I have turned his work around to see what we need for effective teams.

A Healthy Team

Relationship trust and 13 behaviour of high trust people

Steven Covey

How do the best leaders build trust?

One of the first job of a leader is to inspire trust.  Covey describes trust as “……..confidence born of two dimensions: character and competence”.

He defines character/personality as integrity, motive, and intent with people and competence as  capabilities, skills, results, and track record.

Both dimensions are vital.

He goes on to identify 13 behaviour of high trust people. These are needed to be balanced by each other.

  1. Talk Straight
    2. Demonstrate Respect
    3. Create Transparency
    4. Right Wrongs
    5. Show Loyalty
    6. Deliver Results
    7. Get Better
    8. Confront Reality
    9. Clarify Expectation
    10. Practice Accountability
    11. Listen First
    12. Keep Commitments
    13. Extend Trust

“When trust is high the dividend you receive is like a performance multiplier.”   
Steven Covey 2006