Developing a successful career in the competitive global market needs a strategy and a plan.

Can you answer these questions:-

  • Where do I want to work?
  • How will I get there?
  • What skills do I need (in addition to my qualifications)?
  • Who will help me?

The team at the Leadership Toolbox can help you plan your future career
Working for an international company, wherever it is based, often requires an understanding of western work practices and organisational culture. Getting the job starts with getting an interview and getting an interview means getting the attention of the recruiter.

Why enrol for our support?
We can give you the dedicated time from senior experienced business managers and mentors to guide you through the process of maximizing your potential to get in and then get on. Mentoring is a partnership with someone who understands the issues you face and can offer support, advice, information and direct you to new opportunities.

Moving on in your career can also benefit from support. Coping with applying for the next job as you transition from your first job to an experienced professional could need more business skills, the ability to be creative and innovative within the work environment, or to be entrepreneurial, even within the corporate environment.  We can mentor you through these periods of transition.

We start with a free assessment of your needs
This is an initial one 2 one session, a diagnostic review with your coach to establish where you need help. This will be based on an initial review of your CV, your biography and a skills audit that we ask you to complete before we meet.

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