Corporate & Social Responsibility

Corporate and social responsibility (CSR) concerns how organisations conduct their work in a way that takes into account of their social, economic and environmental impact and considers the of human rights of all stakeholders; internal and external.

Developing the business

This requires continual improvement to ensure profitability and competitive performance of the business, its processes, its speed of response and its ability to deliver cost-effective and timely outputs.

Leading Teams

Work collaboratively as a member of a team, ensuring that one’s own contribution maximises the team’s overall performance. Communicate and interact with other team members and represent the team to stakeholders and other teams. Inspire team members to meet or exceed the business objectives. Coach and develop the capabilities of individuals. Value differences in opinion and background of the team members.

Managing ChangeManaging Change

Plan and manage change within the organisation so as to transform the business to achieve the intended commercial, structural and organisational outcomes.

Managing Yourself (and Others)

Plan, organise, monitor and improve your own performance needs a certain level of reflection and self-assessment. The aim -to produce timely, accurate and innovative outputs, even when you are under pressure or working in times of uncertainty. Key is to communicate and interact with others, adjusting your own style and approach as necessary.

Operational Essentials

There are many business and organisational activities that don’t fit in a neat category. In many cases the technique, tool or analysis my be applied across many operational activities. So here you will find a range of tools and techniques to support your work and study.