Corporate & Social Responsibility

Corporate and social responsibility (CSR) concerns how organisations conduct their work in a way that takes into account of their social, economic and environmental impact and considers the of human rights of all stakeholders; internal and external.


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Corporate & Social Responsibility

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Developing relationships with suppliers

Partnerships in sourcing, selling and retaining the loyalty of the employee can tighten relationships with all stakeholders in pursuit of sustainable quality and mutuality of obligation. Let’s start with procurement. Once high on the management yawn factor, it is an...

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Managing customer relations

It really is good to talk Customer relationships are a key plank to your business, it concerns how much, how often, how well you interact with your customers. Let's be clear, once you find a customer, to keep them you must consider how you will manage your...

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Building the reputation

It's not just about coping with crises. Remember when reputation was all about crisis management, and having a PR plaster for every problem? Today, reputations flourish or flounder based on how you run your firm all of the time … According to the Financial Times, the...

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Practising cultural sensitivity

If you were to get a call or a text from a colleague or friend about working in a country, not your home, but where you have worked what tips would you give to them. What would be the key issues for an American in China, an Indian in the UK. What would you consider...

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Managing all stakeholders

A stakeholder is an individual or organisation that has an interest in a company and can either affect or be affected by the business. Primary stakeholders are investors, employees, customers and suppliers. Secondary stakeholders include the community, government or...

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Learning modules

If you have one or two of hours to invest, you will find the Learning Modules very useful. They include the latest thinking from European Business Schools, writers on Management and other good source material. Most of them are about 25 pages in length.

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The ethical manager
The business case for CSR
Procurement and suppliers

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