Leading Teams

Work collaboratively as a member of a team, ensuring that one’s own contribution maximises the team’s overall performance. Communicate and interact with other team members and represent the team to stakeholders and other teams. Inspire team members to meet or exceed the business objectives. Coach and develop the capabilities of individuals. Value differences in opinion and background of the team members.


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Leading Teams

Team working has become more of an imperative as organisations de-layer. The roles of Supervisor and Middle Manager are becoming increasingly rare and often groups of people need to form themselves into teams, establish decision-making processes and find ways to work together effectively and learn. For the Leaders of Teams, there is the added complication of knowing when to lead from the front, when to act as a coach, a facilitator or a mentor.

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Team Coaching

When is a team not a team? When it is given no training, no trust, no time to develop and no one to help them find their way - no teacher. Alone, a 'team' will eventually muddle through, but having picked up bad habits and bruised egos along the way. Coached,...

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Effective leadership is built upon trust. In this module we explore here the ways in which you can build trust within your team and organisation. Focusing on the key issues of leadership, we describe some of the most important models and theories that have...

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