Developing your future in a challenging world needs a strategy, a mind set and a plan.

Working for and coping with for a western company, even if based in China, requires an understanding of western work practices and organisational culture.  Thriving in a post requires a health mental balance with resilience and coping strategies.  It is not just about surviving; it’s about embracing and growing in your new role.

The team at the Leadership Toolbox can help you get the most from both your personal and professional life

We have skilled, experienced mentors and coaches that can support your professional and personal growth. Mentoring and Coaching are different approaches to support you depending on your needs.

Your strategy starts with knowing yourself and then focusing on the sector in which you wish to work.

Your plan starts by looking for the job opportunities that match to your personality, skills, and attributes.

Your actions start by writing an application letter and Curriculum Vitae (CV) / Resume tailored to the business you hope to join, even if the application is completed on-line.

Whatever the outcome of an application, success or failure,  you need to cope and grow though self-understanding and resilience which your mentor/coach will help you develop.

Why enrol for our support?

We can give you the dedicated time from senior experienced business leaders and mentors/coach to guide you through the process of maximizing your potential to get in, get on and sustain your career.

Mentoring/coaching is a partnership with someone who understands the issues you face and can offer you support to make your own decisions, alongside advice and information and sometimes direct you to new opportunities.


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