Operational Essentials

There are many business and organisational activities that don’t fit in a neat category. In many cases the technique, tool or analysis my be applied across many operational activities. So here you will find a range of tools and techniques to support your work and study.

5 Minutes on…

Operational Essentials

If you only have 5 minutes, don’t look any further, look at these soundbites. They are short sharp summaries (typically 2 pages) providing a subject overview/introduction. They may not answer all your questions but you will find them helpful, provocative, stimulating and informative.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) is all about treating people fairly and ensuring they have equality of opportunity (EO). In the UK in 2010 this was enshrined in law and is aligned to legislation across the European Union. The principles are universal and within...

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Trust seems to be fundamental to much that a leader and manager does. Individual to individual or as groups we must understand the concept of trust. Trust also impacts on your personal life; a facet of your personality.

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The Balanced Scorecard

Say goodbye to seat-of-the-pants performance: in their search for the Holy Grail of performance measurement, more and more companies are switching on to the model for measurement called the ‘balanced scorecard’. The Institute of Management Accountants found that...

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The Learning Organisation

Learning organisations are… organisations where people continually expand their capacity to create the results they truly desire, where new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured, where collective aspiration is set free, and where people are continually...

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Measuring Your Engagement With Your Staff – the PeopleMax Index

The PeopleMAX index provides a self-evaluation framework by which you can rate your performance against a set of 22 attributes. Each attribute has four levels of performance that might describe your organisation, from No provision through Base and Medium up to High provision. The index is applicable across all sectors and is independent of company size

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Time Management

Time management is not about making lists, even if you categorise them. It is the process of organising, planning and prioritising how you allocate your time between specific activities. It is personal project management.

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Corporate Entrepreneurship

Traditionally, in divisional organisations, the prerogative of entrepreneurship rests with top managers. It is their job to allocate resources; those on the front line are implementers. The divisional structure has also proved ideal for refining the management of...

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Benchmarking – a Load of Old Cobblers?

Some might say it is a load of old cobblers and how true, given that it was this trade that used a bench to mark out the shape of the customer’s foot. However, benchmarking can be a structured, analytical, logical process of measuring a company’s products/processes/service against accepted ‘best practice’.

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Action Learning

It's teamwork Jim, but not as you know it... don’t just sit there – learn something Action learning is an educational process whereby people work and learn together by tackling real issues and reflecting on their actions. Learners acquire knowledge through actual...

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Creative Sparring

Creative sparring provides a tool to observe and feedback on one 2 one sessions by an independent observer. It is about being a critical friend not an adversary. The technique asks you (the supporter) to draw out from the ‘creative’ where they are going with the idea.

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Learning modules

If you have an hour or more to invest, you will find the Learning Modules very useful. They are a deeper dive into the 5 minutes on topics. 

The content is drawn from leading writers on management and other good source material. Most of them are about 15 -25 pages in length.

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Workforce Learning & Development maturity
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