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Influencing (or influencer?) skills


It’s not a dirty word. The business of backscratching? Or the art of developing relationships – the ultimate relationship marketing? In desperate need of info (or a job), you: call up old contacts you haven’t seen in years; attend ‘networking’ events – that you hate;...
Influencing (or influencer?) skills

Handling conflict

Is referring to the HR handbook, or asking HR to intervene or asking the protagonists to shake hands and then to check that there are ‘no hard feelings’ – still your total sum solution to conflict at work?  Possibly OK for the spat which can be contained. But,...


Trust seems to be fundamental to much that a leader and manager does.  Individual to individual or as groups we must understand the concept of trust. Trust also impacts on your personal life; a facet of your personality. A key question: are you a person or leader...